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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

E17 on Archlinux

E17 is a good but it doesn't come with alot of application. So now that I found all there program for a complit desktop I'll post them.

Desktop envirement: E17

sudo pacman -S e17-svn e17-extra-svn

Package manager: yaourt

You have to add a repository to the pacman config file like this:

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

then add at the end:

Server = http://repo.archlinux.fr/i686

then you can do:

sudo pacman -S yaourt

File manager: pcmanfm

Although E17 does come with it's own but i don't like it much.

sudo pacman -S pcmanfm

Terminal: xterm or lxterminal

Lxterminal has copy/paste so that why I like it xterm doesn't.

sudo pacman -S lxterminal

sudo pacman -S xterm

Browser: Firefox

sudo pacman -S firefox

File compresor: Xarchiver

sudo pacman -S xarchiver

CD/DVD burning: Graveman

sudo pacman -S graveman

Music player: cmus

sudo pacman -S cmus

Video player: VLC

sudo pacman -S vlc

Text editor/Programing: Geany

sudo pacman -S geany

Image editor: Gimp

sudo pacman -S gimp

Java IDE:

sudo pacman -S netbeans

Network manager: Wicd

sudo pacman -S wicd

Msn clone: Amsn

sudo pacman -S amsn

Office application Openoffice

sudo pacman -S openoffice-base

PDF reader: Acrobat Reader

yaourt -S acroread

Runing windows programs: Wine and/or virtualbox

sudo pacman -S wine

sudo pacman -S virtualbox

Task manager: lxtask

sudo pacman -S lxtask

And thas my complit desktop.

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